Cala Bona

Diving depth 9m.
Cala Bona is one of the best-protected areas of the Cadaqués coastline. It is formed by an extensive rocky bottom and very transparent waters. A few metres from Morro de Cala Bona, on a bottom of fine sand that drops gently from 24 to 30 metres in depth, are the remains of the sunken vessel Tragestel.
The Tragestel was a French steamship, built from steel in 1901, with a length of 69 metres and weighing 996 tonnes. It sank in front of Cala Bona in a Sirocco storm, on a night in September 1938. Before it sank, it is said that the crew tried to anchor it and this explains why the prow faces south-east at a depth of 30 metres, while the stern faces north at 24 metres.
Among the gaps in the Tragestel it is easy to see greater forkbeard, conger eels, crawfish, scorpion fish and also the occasional lobster. Swimming over its structure, you will see damselfish and bream, and underneath, digging into the sand will produce many springs.
Around the Tragestel, there are walls covered with coral and cave 9 metres down, with precoraligen walls full of embedded sponges.