Illa de Massina

Diving depth
The island of Messina is one of the best diving points on the entire Cap de Creus peninsula. The variety and beauty of its seabed are complemented by its isolation, which produces waters extremely rich in many different species of very large fish. Pelagic species are often found, such as barracuda or bonito tuna. The Furalló Rodó area is also abundant in conger and Moray eels.
At Messina Island many types of dives can be made due to the variety and size of its seascapes. One of the most unusual if these is the underwater canyon formed between Furalló Rodó and Furalló d’es Mig, where you can see vertical walls of over 10 metres in height covered with purple sea fans, a great many sponges and a few sea slugs. As regards fish, there is a considerable presence of damselfish, snappers and shoals of bream.
Maximum depth 30m.