Ses Orgues

Diving depth 17m.
If you want to make a deeper dive once you have reached the anchoring point, turn south-east, cross a sandy bottom and follow the wall on your right-hand side. Here you will see immense banks of red coral. From here on, the dive continues upwards. If you explore the rock crevices, you will find lobster, scorpion fish, tailor fish, etc.
Carrying on, the area changes from coral to precoraligen and the photophilic zone, with excellent visibility. You will see Moray eels hidden under the stones, conger eels in the vertical crevices and in some cases, young grouper. This is the only place where you will find the much-loved sea-horses. For a more peaceful dive, courses or sea baptisms, follow the wall beside the anchoring point to explore the whole cove.
Maximum depth 40m.